The Last of the Fall Decor

I’ve a few rooms left to share today with a few items to celebrate Fall.

I’m not sure how many doozy up the bathroom but since we all spend time in their on a daily basis {laughing} I added just a few touches; a faux bouquet and a gold spray painted pumpkin, a gloss white candlestick holding a bright orange candle…

Bathroom 2 Bathroom 1

I gave my button wreath a seasonal attitude with some orange striped ribbon.

Bathroom 3

In the kitchen I added some bright orange weave placemats and a brown tray filled with some items that leaned on touches of orange and black.

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Las, but not least, a simple vase full of orange in the den and a wood pumpkin.


I’ve had my décor out since the first day of Fall and it will remain until the Christmas decorations go up.  There isn’t any bats or cobwebs here.  I don’t typically dress up for Halloween; maybe a welcome sign and thats it.  If you want to check out other areas of my house I’ve decorated for the season or see some  completed projects you can click on the following links;  living room, dining room, entry, no -cost mantel, amber decorated vases, paint chip banner.

And to my friend J, hope all went well and you are on the mend.


Trivet Using Paint Chips

Everyday, sometime during the morning or evening I can find my husband in the den on the computer.  I finally goy tired of the phone book he was using for a trivet.

DIY Titled

All you need is a plain white tile, paint chips, paper cutter, brush and decoupage, polyurethane, some felt and a glue gun.  I say it shamelessly, I hoard paint chips.


The chips that came striped with multiple colors was perfect.  I used my paper cutter and ended up with various sizes.  I was going for a geometric design that would imitate the den rug.  I used decoupage glue to secure the strips, then followed up with two coats over the top.    Once dry, I added a couple coats of poly to seal it.  I also glued felt to the back of the tile.

Trivet 1

Trivet 2

The geometric pattern isn’t a perfect match to the rug, but I still like it.

Rug comparison

This was quick to do and the most important thing is my husband loved it!  Do you make your own trivets?  Do you hoard paint chips?


Fall Decorating

I’ve had these pictures in the camera for a while and finally decided I should share some Fall decorating pics  of the living room, dining room and entry.

I used mostly oranges, reds and gold colors.  I love them together and like Fall, should,  they make me feel cozy.     I wrote about  color wheels a while back.  Check it out for additional info.


Living Room Collage

  • Pumpkin sticks and faux leaves – JoAnn fabrics
  • Orange cake plate – Marshalls
  • White vase – Hobby Lobby
  • Green glass pumpkins – Ross
  • Painted tray – a present from a friend, bought in Russia

Coffe Table 1 Stair wall 4

Entry Collage

  • Glittery pumpkin  – Ross
  • Three red candlesticks – Marshals (a recent purchase and all 3 for $12.00!)

Entry 1


Dining Room Collage

I also have pics of the kitchen, den and bathroom, which I hope to show you later this week.  Do you have all your Fall decorating done.  Do you decorate for Halloween?  Pumpkins is about Halloweenish as I get.


The Divot Diary 10-21-13 {Plush Bedding}

Home Goods rocks, right?  I went in for pillows and came out with pillows and a plush pillow bed for Divot.  He loves it.  We have a U shaped couch in the family room.  I get one side, the hubby gets the other and Divot has the middle and that’s where his pillow bed is.

pillow bed 2

Happy Monday everyone!


close up

pillow bed 1

pillow bed 3

pillow bed 4

pillow bed 5

close up 1

Flower Power DIY

I love it when I pull up to a “nothing-looks-good tiny little garage sale“ and I find that one item to bring home.  Large or small, it’s just fun.  This time I found a step stool, I think originally from IKEA, around the $20.00 price.  I paid $2.00.  I knew it was a good item to find because I had just told the hubby I needed one.  You know what happens as you get older?  You get shorter!

I sanded it, primed it, then spray painted it white, but it still needed something.  Then I gave it some flower power!


I’m no stranger to adding duct tape to wood.  I’ve been a true fan of the decorative tape since I used it on my white dresser in the woman cave.  It’s a simple as laying on strips of the tape down, overlapping slightly.  I decided since flowers in the  gardens aren’t matched up perfectly, the duct tape shouldn’t be perfectly aligned either.

Stool 3

Stool 4

How abouta Before and After?

Before After

If you want more ideas for Duct tape or even washi tape, check out my For The Love of Tape post.

So what about you?  Have you had a chance to get creative with duct tape?


Eyelash Curler Experiment

For as many years as I’ve been wearing eye makeup I’ve followed the same process  steps for putting it on.  Then about a month ago I read article that said uh oh, no, you’re doing it all wrong.

Eeylash Experiment 1

Steps used the past monthA

  • Apply 1 coat of mascara
  • put on your other make up
  • curl eyelashes
  • add 1 additional coat

Steps I’ve used foreverB

  • curl eyelashes
  • coat of mascara
  • 2nd coat of mascara
  • let dry
  • curl eyelashes again, closing curler only halfway

 Eyelash Experiment 2

So what do you think?  Can you tell a difference?  Do you know which one is A and which one is B?

Eyelash Experiment 3

So eye A is the new way, applying a coat of mascara first, before using the eyelash cutler.  I can’t really tell a difference.  But since I’ve been using these steps I’ve lost fewer eyelashes.



Everyday Life 10-14-13

Happy Monday…..night!  I feel like I’ve been away forever.  The day job, the one that helps pay the bills, has been keeping me hopping.  I’ve completed a few projects here and there, but the pictures are still in the camera and still need to be processed.  I’m sharing the  everyday normal today.


The weather was dry this weekend so the hubby, the puppy and I were able to get for a few walks.  A week ago the leaves were just starting to change. Now, they look like a painters tray of oils.  I took these pics last year but I could of taken them now.

Fall Collage 1


A little retail therapy doesn’t hurt anyone, right?   I just say Honey, lets go for an appetizer and a drink.  Then I say, Oh look, we’re right across from Home Goods!   I scored as they had  a great selection of pillows and I wanted needed  some to celebrate Fall .    You’ll have to check back later this week if your curious where I put them and what they look like now.

2013-10-06 08.10.31

I did grab the Be Thankful pillow and toss it in the blanket basket in the family room.  My hubby still doesn’t get the “just for show” concept, but I keep explaining.

Thank ful pillow


My hubby and I struggle every month trying to give Divot his flea pill.  Since were surrounded by a gulley and a golf course, there’s lot’s of insects and creepy crawlers.  And Divot loves to run an play.  He snubs his nose at us and refuses to eat when we try to give him his pill.  I just have to watch for him to yawn, then I throw it in his mouth.  He turned into a pouty puppy after he swallowed this months dose.

Divot Pouting

I was at the Dollar store the other day and look what I found…

Dollar Store ribbon tape

Then I went to ACE to buy same spry primer so when I felt the mood to spray paint it would already be here.  They had a ton of colors and patterns so I need to load up the next time I’m there.

That’s it for me except for the normal clean the house, do the laundry, rake leaves from the yard, blah, blah, blah.  Where does the time go?  At the end of each day do you know what you did exactly or does it just fly by?

Enjoy your evening.  The Voice is on tonight so that’s where I’ll be.


Everyday Life 9-30-2013

Happy Monday everyone.  I’m taking a breath today and just sharing whatever pops into my brain.  Scary thought you say?  Hmmmm, maybe!


I’m a week late in sharing this, but my cousin from Arizona rocks!  She came to Seattle and walked the Susan G. Komen 60 miles in 3 days.  And it wasn’t easy.  The route around Seattle and to the Eastside involved many hills vs. the flat terrain of Phoenix.  Love you cuz!



I don’t think we could of asked for a nicer summer her in the Northwest.  I mean 53 days of sunshine and no rain is almost unheard of.  But I think mother nature is paying us back.

Rain 1

It has been pouring and I’m sad to say the outdoor furniture is all stored away until next spring.


I was able to take a few good pictures of the dahlias before the rain literally took the plants to the ground.

Dahlia 1

Dahlia 2


Fall means football and our Seattle Seahawks and Washington Huskies are kickin butt!  Our neighbor is a high school senior and were having fun just attending his games as well.



Every time I walk into Home Depot, Ace, Lowes, basically anywhere they sell paint I grab a few paint chips and shove them in my purse.  My latest are in a range of beautiful Fall colors.

Paint Chips

I put the rest of the Fall decorations up this weekend.  I’ll share later this week.  What about you, do you decorate for Fall or Halloween or both?  Happy Monday everyone!


{DIY} Fall Décor Vases and a Paint Chip Banner

I am slowly getting my house up and running with Fall décor.  I’m not much of a Halloween decorator so what goes up will stay until the Christmas bins get pulled out.

I wanted to share a couple of simple projects.  Because I’m a craft hoarder I didn’t have to go to the store for any additional items.

FALL Decor Vases

I picked up these 3 amber colored vases a while back from the Dollar Store for yep, $1.00 each.  Apologies for the picture.  The weather outside wasn’t helping much.


I grabbed some ribbon out of my stash, some old jewelry and my glue gun.

Full Decor Vases titled

Decor Vases 1  Decor vases 2

The vases are sitting on some faux leaves.  They came in a pack of 4, 2 packs for $1.99 at Rite Aid.  I’m using some in another vignette also.  I’ll shaer in another post next week about that.

Decor Vase 3

Jewelry close up

Fall Decor Vases

I also picked up some red vases for the Christmas season.

Paint Chip Banner

You saw the Happy Fall banner when I shared my mantle the other day.  I made it from my paint chip stash.  It was pretty easy.  Just use a hole punch to put holes in the top left and right corner of each chip.  I added some scrapbook sticky letters I had on hand, then fed some twine through the holes of the chip.  How easy!

Happy Fall Banner


Have you got your Fall craft on yet?  If not, I’m linking up to Layla’s Fall craft party and you should probably check it out if you want loads of ideas.  Have fun!


No Cost Fall Mantel

Hello.  Are you decorating your home with Fall Décor.  I love the colors of rust, shades of orange and gold blended with blues and greens.    Today I’m sharing the mantel in our family room and I’m happy to say I did not spend a dime.  I had everything in either my storage bins or craft room.

Fall Mantle Labeled

Do you recognize the candle sticks?  They were blue last week and I gave them a shot of gold spray paint.  I also wrapped a strip of orange and white polka scrapbook paper around each candle

candle sticks before candlesticks after

I made my Happy Fall banner from paint chips.  I have a huge stash.  I’ll share how I did it in another post.

lower half

Happy Fall Banner


I found the black coal bucket at the Goodwill last summer for $1.99.  It’s just been sitting in the garage.  A quick coat of Rustoleum Gloss black and it was ready to hold some faux pumpkins.

coal bucket 1

coal bucket 2

I also added some fall color to the vase on the corner tdesk.

Greens and Leaves 1

Greens and leaves 3

Fall Mantle Labeled

There’s a great fall link party sharing lot’s of ideas on Fall Mantel décor over at Thrifty Decor Chick.  Be sure to check it out for some inspiration.