Sunday Morning Smile

When my son was a young toddler it always put a smile on my face to wake up in the morning and see a little face staring at me.  He would climb out of his crib, paddle across the hall in his one piece PJs with the padded feet, and just stare.  Now my son is in college.  I have a 3 month old puppy and this is what I wake up to.   This is Divot.  He’s a Shih Tzu full of personality.  Therefore, I must say enjoy your Sunday because I have to go for a walk now!

“Morning mom! Can we go for a walk?”


2 responses to “Sunday Morning Smile

  1. Love being a mom and I am right there with you. Waking up in the morning with one of my kids or all 3 giving me that morning greeting.
    Now my morning greeting besides hubby is my small one not a puppy any more but still as enthusiastic as ever with a joyful lick and jumping up and down just to get that walk out doors with mom.

  2. I’m glad you started blogging again! Can’t wait to read more.

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