The Best Shots Happen On The Golf Course

……and I’m not talking the golf shot. My son has been playing golf since he was 6 and tournaments since he was 8.  I can’t even guess how many golf courses I’ve walked watching my son.  I’ve seen the sunrise and sunset.  I’ve been on the course when it is so hot that I think I am going to die and I just want to dump a bottle of water on my head, but vanity pervails.  I’ve been out when it has rained so hard that I need windshield wipers for my face and a boat to float back to the parking lot with.  And through all this I manage to find the best things to look at.  The trees on some of the courses are old and strong with years of character attached to their trunk and limbs.  As I walk along  I find myself also looking at the shapes of trees and the wildflowers.  These are just a few of my favs.  Of couse my husband and my son think I am crrrraaazy but thats okay because if you look at a golf course in the right way you may just find some peace and tranquility.

But of course my favorite thing to do on the golf course is watch my son…


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