Hummingbird Food (Secret Recipe)

Taken by a friend from work with a really good camera

Outside my family room window are two hummingbird feeders.  Hummingbirds usually leave the Northwest for the winter.  Thanks to my neighbor’s “Hummer Food Secret Recipe”, my little friends never leave.  My husband weekly cleans out the feeders and refills them with  fresh liquid.  In fact, two winters ago when it was very cold and snowy, he would put the feeders in the garage at night to avoid freezing.  One particular morning when he was walking back out with them, the Hummers could not wait for the feeders to be hung and just latched onto them while he carried them.  It was AWESOME!!!!  So, here is the recipe, but here is the other trick… hubby doubles the sugar content in the winter as the Hummers need extra sugar energy when it is cold.  Just remember, feed them and they will come!

Hummer Food Secret Recipe:  Combine 1/4 cup sugar and 1 cup water.  Boil and refrigerate before filling feeders.

5 responses to “Hummingbird Food (Secret Recipe)

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  2. Wow! I had been making it in larger batches and using 4 cups of water to 1 cup of suger plus a few drops of red food coloring. This sounds like it may fill just one feeder at a time….whereas I have lots! 😉

    • Dawn – this recipe will fill 2 feeders. I found that if I have more than 2 feeders going at a time the hummingbirds spend too much dime chasing each other away.

  3. We had some hummingbirds on our flowers this summer but they completely stayed away from our feeder. Will have to try your secret formula!

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