My Favorite Childhood Christmas Gift

When I was driving home from work yesterday I started thinking about what have been my favorite Christmas presents.  I think because I didn’t blog about it I had dreams about it.  So, before I start another crazy day, let me tell you about the Christmas of 1965.  That would put me at a mere 9 years old.  My mom, dad, 2 brothers and I lived in Alderwood Manor, Washington.  My moms brother, my Uncle Bill, and his wife and 3 children lived in Placerville, California.  The two families would alternate each Christmas; we would drive to California for the holiday and the next year my Uncle Bill and familiy would come to Washington.  That holiday season of 1965 we loaded up our shiny blue Chevrolet Biscayne and headed south.  I had one present in mind that I really wanted.  Besides sending Santa 3 separate notes and seeing him person, I also reminded my mom everyday how much I wanted the yellow parka with the fake fue around the hood and cuffs of the sleeves.  I can’t remember where I had seen it, maybe a catalog or on a trip in Willners Department store.  It doesn’t matter, because I knew that if I got this parka I would be the happiest girl in the universe.  My mom kept reminding me that no, she was sorry, but the parka was way to expensive for her and my dad to buy.  Afterall, we were in the midst of remodeling our house.  (another story, another time)  Mom also told me she did not want me to get my hopes up too high, but since we were heading to California, Santa might not know what chimney to go down to fnd my brothers and I.  Flash forward 2 travel days where I sat  the middle of the backseat between my 2 bothers (also another story for another time).  It’s Christmas in Placerville.  Uncle Bill, Auntie Barbara, and cousins Billy, Bev and Jim are are all there.  It’s Christmas morning and we are opening presents.  Oh my gosh, there was a present from Santa to me.  I became so nervous and excited at the same time.  I slowly untied the ribbon and slowly removed the wrapping paer.  FYI, I still do that today.  When the box was finally opened I couldn’t believe it.  What was in the box?   A yellow parka with fake fur around the hood and cuffs of the sleeves.  I was one happy 9 year old!  Oh, the memories…….so the questions today is….

What is your most memorable Christmas gift from your childhood.  Log on to my blog and let me know.

Happy Tuesday,



2 responses to “My Favorite Childhood Christmas Gift

  1. Well shoot, I just ordered a yellow parka with fake fur around the collar and cuffs. Now that I know you already have one…I will send it back. Loved the story sis-in-law….Keep up the blogs. You and Kacee keep me so entertained.

  2. Darn, hope you can get your money back on the parka. But you still need to tell me, what was your favorite Christmas gift when you were a kid?

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