Bowling – New Holiday Tradition

 In 2009, my family implemented a new tradition.  After a delicious Christmas dinner and fun time opening presents,  everyone was ready to take a nap.  However, naps have never ever applied to my son, not when he was little and not on Christmas day.  He was home from college on winter break and intended to make the most of every minute.  So we all loaded my into cars and went to our local bowling alley.  I was shocked at how many people had the same idea, but we were lucky enough to get a couple of lanes.  It was fun, we got some exercise, and I think we may do it again this year.  Yeah!  A new tradition!  Pics and comments from the 2009 first annual bowling event below….

Trust me - put your hands over your head and it's a guaranteed strike!


Easy as pumpkin pie, and yes, I am pretty smooth.....


Ha Ha!!! Look at that shot!

Don't ya just love all the colors bowling balls come in?

Whatever you do, have fun! 

7 responses to “Bowling – New Holiday Tradition

  1. So funny!! I was just talking to my mom about this the other day and told her how we better do it again! So much fun! Maybe this year we should all wear ugly Christmas sweaters?!

  2. Ugly Christmas sweaters are good… I hear a trip to Value Village? I think the guys need to wear ugly Christmas hats. Oh! I think I still have my Christmas present hat from Leavenworth. :=)

  3. love it momma, can’t wait to see you at home

  4. Could we eat chocolate covered cherries too?

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