Involve Your Children….It’s the Season to Give!

This category, Holiday Traditions, has been created to share just what makes the holidays special.  Tradition can be about anything that you do for yourself, what  family does whether it is within their own internal unit or beyond in their Church, community, etc.

I was at the Doctor the other day.  I love my Doctor even if she gave me 2 shots.  She talks as ramdom as I do sometimes.  We started talking about holiday traditions and she told me every holdiay season she gets a very big box and lets her 3 children decorate it.  Then she and her husband and all the kids head to the grocery store where they fill the box with food.  Their next stop is to deliver it to the local foodbank.  

I love this generosity and think of the lesson her children are learning at such a young age.   What’s your tradition?


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