Me Through Memories

Tonights enty was inspired by the snow.  Let me explain.  It was snowing and I was at work and I kept hearing how bad it was.  So me being the wimp I am decided to work from home this afternoon.  So I’m sitting in my spare room in a big comfy chair working away and she just kept staring at me.  Who kept staring at me you ask?  She did……

Meet my walking doll.  I have had her for 53 years and she lives in my spare room.  and by the way, she is wearing a dress that I wore when I was 3 years old.  Oh the memories……well this got me to thinking so I took a walk though memory lane.  The pics are taken with my phone so I apologize ahead of time.

My son, when he was just a little guy.  He’s 6’5″ and 250 now.

Scottish Dogs from Scotland.  They were my Grandmothers. And last but not least…..

This is my bride doll.  My other Grandma gave her to me when I was 8.  My Grandma had her when she was a little girl and she died in 1981 at 101 years old. 

The bottom line is this.  Memories stay in our hearts forever and it’s nice to just keep pictures and other items around that help preserve those wonderful thoughts.  Thanks for the memories!



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