The Annual Christmas Letter

After my son was born in 1991 I wanted a way to share a year of memories with family and close friends.  The annual Christmas letter was born and I have been sending it out for 19 years now.  The letter captures the “what cha been up to” of my son, my hubby and myself.  I have a scrapbook now that includes the letter, the Christmas card, the Santa picture and other pictures for each of the 19 years.  It is so much fun to look back and revisit how tall my son was, what his weight was, what video game interested him, when he got his driver’s license, etc.  It’s wonderful to see where we traveled to, who we met, what unique experience we had.  The annual letter also gives honor and love to those we have lost over the years.  I am so glad the annual letter started.  I hope it stays in our family forever, generation to generation.  

Happy Holidays,



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