Stockings & Stuffers

I would guess that we all have stories about our Christmas Stockings.  I remember oh so well when I was a little girl how my brothers and I would wake up in the early morning hours, bounce out of our beds and run to the living room.  The first thing we’d see was the filled Christmas stockings.  Then we’d run and pounce on our parents beds and annoy them until they got up.  After all, we couldn’t see what was in the stockings until they were up and the tree lights were plugged in.  What made opening our stockings so much fun is each little thing whether it be candy, a ball, cards, etc. – everything was individually wrapped.  It wasn’t until I was older and learned that my mom was Santa that I had a new appreciation for the time that it took to wrap each item separately. 

Humor entered into it a while later after I got married.  My mom would also do a stocking for my husband and my two sister-in-laws.  She was also known for stuffing the stockings with practical needs.  So if I got a kitchen utensil it was a sure thing both my sis-in-laws would get the same kitchen utensil.  If my hubby unwrapped a big toothpaste then you guessed it, so would my brothers.  I’m not sure if my mom ever realized how all of us would look at each other and laugh, but I do know I would give anything for those days again – to have my mom with us on Christmas morning.

Fast forward – I have a young child of my own and my hubby’s Aunt M decides my baby needs a big stocking.  That was when he was 3  – now he is 19 and I am still filling the same stocking to the brim each Christmas and yes, every item is wrapped individually.  Do you think it is big enough?

Then there is my hubby’s stocking that he still uses.  It’s almost falling apart, but for him this is the only stocking he has ever had – his mom made it for him when he was a tiny child – she is also no longer with us so seeing that stocking each year preserves our memories of her….

Then there is my stocking.  My m-i-l (mother-in-law) made this for me when we were first married.  And oh by the way, I fill my own with wrapped gifts each year and I get the most fantastic things!

and a new addition this year in the stocking line up is one for our puppy, Divot.

Have fun stuffing your stockings……



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