Breakfast Burritos – Lattenene Style

I often make these for my husband and son.  There’s a little bit of prep time, but the nice thing is once these breakfast burritos are made they only require a quick minute in the microwave before eating.  This works quite well, especially when my son is home on college break.  A quick minute in the microwave sometimes means 2 or 3 times a day.  You can use what ever you have available.  For these I used bacon, scrambled eggs, american cheese (it melts the best) and hashbrowns.  Feel free to add salsa, peppers, onion, etc. etc.  Follow along for todays breakfast burritos.

I used two kinds of bacon; maple flavor and peppered…

While the bacon was frying I fried the hashbrowns…..

and scrambled the eggs.  At trick for really light scrambled eggs is use a half shell full of water for every egg.  So a dozen eggs = 6 1/2 shells full of water.  Milk tends to make the eggs to heavy.  Lightly whip the eggs with the water before you pour into the PAM sprayed pan.  Cook on medium heat.  I also melted some of the American cheese on top of the eggs….

Now it’s time to assemble.  Use burrito size flour tortillas….

Layer the eggs, hashbrowns and bacon in the center of the tortilla.  Add a slice of American cheese on top….

then fold the sides in first….

then roll up and there you have it…….a container of already made breakfast burritos.


2 responses to “Breakfast Burritos – Lattenene Style

  1. WOO-HOO! Looks like another winning recipe–thanks, Renee!

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