Magazines, Magazines, Magazines….OH MY!!!

Hubby and I will be married 30 years this coming June.  When we first got married we rented a condo and I became obsessed with Country Living magazine.  Three years into our marriage we bought our first house.  I remember my husbands saying “get rid of those magazines”.  I just couldn’t let go of them.  After all, I may need to look at them, all 3 years worth, again sometime.  So I did what any sane smart person would do.  I packed up 3 years of Country Living magazines into a moving box and marked them FRAGILE.  They were safely moved, no questions asked.  I’m not sure how many years after that, but I realized this is really silly.  Why do I have all these magazines – I don’t even like country.  I got rid of them.

Fast forward.  I admit I am still a magazine junkie.  I know there is the internet, the kindle, the IPAD, the library.  But I still like the magazine.  I like browsing through them in the store when I decide I want to paint a room and need some color ideas or need some tips and visuals for spring flowers and garening or perhaps some organizing.  I love to get my monthly magazines in the mailbox; Better Homes and Garden, Martha Stewart, Wired, Good Housekeeping. 

When taking Christmas Decorations down I tend to take alternate paths and yesterday was one of them.  I started opening drawers, looking in closets, etc.  As you can see I found lots of magazines.

So my task today is to go through these magazines and rip out the pages I think I need.  Then on Feb 1 I am going to look at that stack of pulled pages and see if I really need them and if not, out they go!

Will I continue to buy magazines?  Absolutely!  I  L.O.V.E. them.  Have a good day!



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