Wasted Salad Dressing – Boo Hoo!

Have I got a story foy you.  And yes, it is worth reading as there is an important message in this.  It feels like I have been non-stop eating since December 24.  I feel bloated, sugared out and just blahhhhh.  My intent was to get on the healthy eating kick day 1 of 2011.  My husband went grocery shopping. I gave him my list; salad, tomatoes, cottage cheese, chicken, cucumbers, oatmeal, etc.  Did I need salad dressing he asked.  No honey, plenty in the cupboard.  So when I got home from work Tuesday night there were 4 bottles of salad dressing on the counter.  Honey, I said, I didn’t need you to buy me any salad dressing.  Oh but you did, he said….found all of these in the cupboard and they all have expired dates.  Oops! 

Definitely some lessons and aha’s here……

1. Do not think that the 2 for 1 salad dressing sales are a good deal at Albertsen’s when there is only one of you eating the salad

2. Learn to eat salad with no dressing. How about some cottage cheese and seasonings to top the greens?

But in all seriousness, most importantly…..

3. Recognize it’s time to clean out the kitchen cupboards and get what you know you are not going to use to the foodbanks.  It’s cold out there and someone really needs that can of soup, pears, pork-n-beans or maybe a bottle of salad dressing before it expires.



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