Some of My Favorite Things

Hi Friends –

I’ve been away all week working long and hard at work.  Hope everyone is well. “-)  Now that my son has gone back to school the house is quiet and I have a bit of extra time on my hands, well, at least during the weekends.  It’s time to clean our some drawers and closets, organize the files, etc.  This morning after a nice breakfast out with friends I decided I would tackle the bookshelf behind the door in the den.  It houses a multitude of items; containers of pens, pencils, computer print paper, labels, camera plug-ins, etc.  You get the picture.  I have been neglecting it for a while.  Let’s just say my son is in his second year of college.  Lets just say during the K-12 years I always made sure there were always enough school supplies. I guess that explains why I included the following in my bags to the Goodwill; 2 gallon size baggies of unused red pens, lead pencils, colored pencils, and color crayons.  I also include, erasers, graph paper, wide rule paper, 3 notebooks, pen and pencil pouches, 5 large glue sticks, 10 pee-chee type folders and a spanish dictionary. 

Along the way, I was reminded of some of my favorite things…(I tend to sometimes get sidetracked). 

I definitely L.O.V.E. my label maker.  It is a must in any organizing project.

And there are labels.  All kinds of labels for whatever your need is…..

Oh, and I can’t forget the fun clips…..

I also found some of my favorite bookmarks which reminded me of the stack of books and magazines I need to read….

which is why I’ll say bye for now.  I’ll share more on my organizing journey soon.  I will still be in the den.



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