“Where Did I Put That?” Filing Tips

Happy Monday Friends!

Do you ever find yourself saying “Where did I put that?”  Please tell me I’m not the only one.  Yes, I have a couple of filing drawers in the den, but they seem to get out of sorts so quickly.  I feel like I still have not found the magic filing system that will work for me.  I have figured out I tend to use those two drawers  for items that I do not need to look at very often. 

For the past 5+ years I have used a tracking system for  my son’s existence and everything I might need abot him “just-in-case”.  The needs  may occasionally change, but not too often.  I purchased a portable filing system, named it appropriately, and filled it with the appropriate files to support the appropriate needs.  I can now and have been able to for the past 5+ years find immediately his grades for the last 12 years, SAT scores, college applications, birth certificate, college scholarship information, medical history, etc. etc. etc.  You hopefully get the picture and all I am saying is if you have kids or any other subject that seems to continaully pull on you for information this type of filing might be the way to go.  Here are a couple of simple views…….

Oh,  I also color codes the files; black equals past school info, yellow is current, orange is medical and other pertinent stuff.  Am I weird?

What I do know is that I can put this filing case on the bookshelf behind the den door and it becomes out of site-out of mind, but when I need something quickly I can. find it. 

Happy filing!


2 responses to ““Where Did I Put That?” Filing Tips

  1. I’m loving the filing idea. This will work out great for my 3 kids, one file case for each child. thanks.

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