Product Shelf Life via Real Simple Magazine….

Real Simple magazine recently released information on 77 Expiration Dates of Household Products
Aerosol air freshener: 2 years
Alkaline batteries: 7 years
Lithium batteries: 10 years
Bleach: 3-6 months
Dish detergent: 1 year
Laundry detergent: 9-12 months (unopened), 6 months (opened)
Rechargeable fire extinguisher: 6 years
Liquid Miracle Gro: 3-8 years (opened)
Mr. Clean: 2 years
Spray paint: 2-3 years
Windex: 2 years
Pledge wood polish: 2 years

Beauty Products
Bath gel/body wash: 3 years
Body bleach & depilatories: 2 years (unopened), 6 months (opened)
Body lotion: 3 years
Face lotion (without SPF): 3 years
Conditioner: 2-3 years
Shampoo: 2-3 years
Eye cream: 3 years (unopened), 1 year (opened)
Hair gel: 2-3 years
Hair spray: 2-3 years
Shaving cream: 2 years or more
Lipstick: 2 years
Mascara: 2 years (unopened), 3-4 months (opened)
Rubbing alcohol: 3 years
Tooth-whitening strips: 13 months

Pantry Food
Beer: 4 months (unopened)
Instant coffee: 2 years (unopened), 1 month (opened)
Dried pasta: 12 months
Maple syrup: 1 year
Marshmallows: 40 weeks (unopened), 3 months (opened)
Olive oil: 2 years
Pickles: 18 months (unopened)
Tabasco: 5 years
Steak sauce: 33 months
Soy sauce: 2 years (unopened), 3 months (opened)
Vinegar: 42 months
Worcestershire sauce: 5-10 years (unopened), 2 years (opened)

Indefinite Shelf Life
Brown sugar
Mayonnaise (unopened)
Liquid Miracle Gro (water-soluble)
Nail polish remover

Use-by. This date (a.k.a “best if used-by”) lets you know the last day you can expect your food item to be tasting, looking and smelling at its best. This is the height of its quality in texture and nutritional value, too.

Sell-by. This date serves as a signal to food retailers to remove the item from the shelf because after the marked day, the food quality begins its decline.

Guess what?  Here’s  a listing of foods that you probably  throw out by the marked date, but you really don’t have to…..

Milk: it remains safe and nutritional for the week after its sell-by date. -Yogurt: it is good to eat for 7-10 days after its sell-by date.
Eggs: go ahead and eat those eggs during those 3-5 weeks after the sell-by date.


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