PetSmart Visit

Divot and I went to the PetSmart this past Saturday.  It was the perfect place to go, especially since it was rainy outside and puppy needed some “social interaction”.  I soon found out that he preferred riding around in the cart vs. being on his leash.  That is until we met Wally, an 18 month old Shih Tzu whose owner rescued him from a man that kept Wally locked in a closet for hours on end.  Wally and Divot could be brothers, they look so much alike.  Wally was so happy and showed a big smile when I took his picture.        

 I was looking for a new dog food. Okay, I have to admit, my hubby and I have created a finicky eater.  In other words, he likes chicken, eggs, cheese……dog food, what’s dog food?  I found a meat log (recommended by my friend Jennie who is mother of Peanut).  The log is made by Pet Botanical and comes in several flavors; beef, chicken and lamb.   You slice it and it looks like a summer sausage.  Success!  Divot loves it and it’s good for him.  The staff was so nice and since Divot is still a puppy, in addition to the $37.00 dollars I spent, they gave him a treat bag full of chewies, toys and dog food samples.

In case you have a PetSmart in your area I am posting their online link and also letting you know they are sponsoring National Adoption Weekend February 11-13.  You can go to any store if you would like to become an owner to a pet that needs a home.


One response to “PetSmart Visit

  1. i miss little man!

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