Beauty Day

Have you ever noticed that the male sex seems to need to get their hair, beard or nose hairs trimmed more than the 6-8 cut and color the female gets?  At least thats the case for me.  My hubby gets his hair cut every 4-5 weeks.  Divot goes in every 5-6 weeks for a trim, nails clipped, ears cleaned out, etc.  He always leaves the pet salon looking like “Ive been to spa for a day” and he’s pretty proud of himself as you can see.  I remember when my hubby had to have emergency surgery a couple of months ago (he’s OK) and my sis-in-law picked up Divot from the Blue Ribbon Pet Parlor (plug- they do a great job).  Anyway, it was a rainy day ouside and M. did not want Divot to get dirty.  So he did the only thing a dog would do…he did his business in the house.  OOPS!!  More pics attached to show how much I love my puppy!

Have a good day!



One response to “Beauty Day

  1. Just too cute!

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