Hummingbird Fact #1

Taken by a friend from work with a really good camera

Hummingbird Fact # 1…..

For those of you that live where I do in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we have two kinds of Hummingbirds in Washington, the Rufus and the Anna.

The male Rufus hummingbirds have a bright red throat (like the one in the picture in this post) and a rusty colored back.  The female Rufus are green and white with brown fringed sides.  They are supposed to migrate south in the fall and come back in the spring.  But as I have explained before, I keep my feeders out all winter with the special recipe and they have not left for 2 years. (See previous blog post for secret recipe)

The Anna males have sides that are green and their throat and top of their head is a dark rose color.  The female is fairly plain as her rose colored patch is on her throat and unless close up, you may not be able to see it.

What I find is both the Anna and the Rufus come visit and feed and they do so at the same time.  I have to keep two feeders and a bit apart from one another.  They don’t seem to like to eat on the same feeder at the same time and they dive bomb each other if it happens.  It kind of reminds me of that one scene in Top Gun when Maverick is up in the air and the enemy is swirling around him and his pilot friends.  Good mental visual, right?

If you don’t have your hummingbird feeders out yet I’ll give you some tips on that tomorrow.  Have a good day!


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