Hummingbirds – Feed Them and They Will Come

Upfront I just want to say these are not my pictures.  I did not point the camera and shoot.  I’m envious and think that the perosn that took thses pics must have a whole lot of talent.    I was cleaning pics and folders out on my computer tonight and I found these incredible photos in a folder of pics I have dowloaded from the computer.

Now, I will tell you that several years ago during a very cold winter we put our feeders in the garage at night so the nectar wouldn’t freeze.  In the morning my hubby would take the feeders out to the backyard.  I don’t have a picture of it but before he could hang the feeders the hummingbirds swarmed him and latched on to the feeders.

I think that’t the reason why I downloaded these pictures.  They are so incredible.  I hope you enjoy them….

This is just so cool!  I wish that was my hand.

Looks like the lid of a feeder….

Hope you enjoy.  Check out my first blog entry under hummingbirds for my neighbors hummer secret recipe.  OOPs, I guess it isn’t secret anymore!


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