Beach Girls – A Time with Friends


Location: Beautiful Pacific Beach Washington.  Three days of bliss……


     A magnificent place to stay.  The top floor of windows
is all bedrooms and faces the beach.  No curtains, so when you wake up
there’s no chance for stress to creep in.  Peace begins immediately.


     What made the three days so much fun is I spent it with five girlfriends
from high school.  The six of us have not been all together for 25 years.  We
all live locally,except for PLK who lives out of state,  but we’ve grown apart over the years.  Thanks to Facebook, we reconnected.  Thanks to MSB, we found the place in Pacific Beach. 

     We picked up where we let off.  Of course we all shared pictures of our
families.  We all have kids and it was fun to hear about each one.  We also
looked at pictures from the past and and high school annuals.  There were a lot of “remember when” which resulted in many gut-wrenching laughs. 

     All of us except for JRS has lost one parent.  MSB and myself have lost
both. It was comfortable to tell our stories with each other; the paths our
parents took up to their last breath, the feelings we went through ourselves. 

     Lots of talk, a walk on the beach in between rain storms, a ton of laughs.
The time flew by.  It was perfect. 

Friends are forever and that makes me happy,


7 responses to “Beach Girls – A Time with Friends

  1. Elizabeth Engel

    What a beautiful post RE your weekend with forever-friends, Renee. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. So well said Lattenene. It was a beautiful three days.

  3. Liz – we need to start planning a train ride down to see you!
    Kathy – Thank you….so glad we reconnected.

  4. Couldn’t have said it any better myself. It was a magical week-end and one I will always cherish. Let’s hope we all can stay connected.
    Love you all!

  5. Jacquie -I will be sending a note out in the next week for a craft get together

  6. Michele Somerville Burgoyne

    Renee — beautifully written. Spending the weekend with you gals was exactly what I needed. I had so much — laughed until my stomach ached. Looking forward to our next get together –

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