Dicks Drive-In or Five Guys?

image     5 Guys Storefront

If you’ve grown up in the Seattle are, you should be very familiar
with Dicks Drive-in.  In existence since 1954, with 5 locations and
soon to be a 6th, it’s a popular burger place that all ages enjoy.
The  location near the University of Washington Campus is a magnet
for college students.  The burger joint does not offer any seating, and
even though the lines are long, the service is quick as the menu is
simple……besides the menu shown below, ice cream, drinks, tartar and
ketchup also offered. 


Dick’s has always been the stop for us coming home from an event in
Seattle.  Well, that is until recently.

Enter Five Guys.  I first became familiar with this burger and fry
place when we settled my son in at college in Orlando, Florida.
Again, popular city with a major University.  Inside and outside
seating.  Burgers, fries, hot-dogs sandwiches and drinks.  No ice
cream, no shakes.  Inside the restaurant the walls are lined with
bags of potatoes  and the sign on the wall lets you know what kind
of spuds are being made into fries and where they are from.  There
are also bins of peanuts for you to shell and eat while you wait.
A variety of burgers  to choose from and a number of toppings are
offered, all free.


Some Five guy facts:  The first Five Guys began in 1986 and since
then 750 Franchises have opened.  200 more will open in 2011. In
2010, 127,042,520 lbs. of potatoes were used for fries.

Last summer Five Guys opened in my local area and in fact hubby
and I had dinner there tonight.  And it was good!!!!  The burger was
delicious the French fries were awesome, potatoes brought to us
from Rigby Idaho.

As much as I hate to admit it, I like Five Guys better than Dicks.  So
what do you think?  I’m taking a vote.  Have you had a Five Guys
burger and fries?  If you live in the Seattle area are you a diehard
Dicks fan?  If you live somewhere else, what’s your favorite burger
joint and why?

Let me know and I will share the outcome in a post later this week.


5 responses to “Dicks Drive-In or Five Guys?

  1. Shawn and I had lunch at the Northgate franchise on Saturday. It was our first visit and can’t wait to go back. Best fries ever! Sorry Dick’s and Big Daddy’s I now have a new favorite burger joint. 🙂

  2. ick ick and double ick…my tummy rumbles when I think of eating at either of these…sorry but I’m a turkey burger eater

  3. No question, 5 guys 100 times better

  4. Definately Dick’s however must admit I haven’t tried the 5 Guys yet. I love the business model of Dick’s as well and how good they are to their employees, paying a decent wage, paying for school and benefits! Don’t like the fact that they changed the oil they cook their fries in! But I suppose it’s better for us!

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