Random Morning Shopping – I Love Spring!

Happy Friday!  I have the day off and the weather forecast for the Northwest is sunny and middle 50s today…YAY!!!  I woke up early and headed to the new Fred Meyers near our home for some rubber boots.   It has rained for 39 days straight up until today and the ground is so wet I need the boots!  Aren’t they cute and they were on sale too!  That makes it even better.


My hubby needed fertilizer with moss out ….and while in that section I saw the “on sale, buy one and get the other 1/2 price” yard gloves.  So many colors, and I can always use gloves!

Moss Out Yard Gloves

I love all the flowers but I tell myself I cannot buy until yard cleanup is complete but hey, I can still look!

Geraniums   Feature


I’m going to try really hard to get all my weeding and trimming done today so I can head back tomorrow……..for two things.

Fuschia TCups

It’s Fuchsia Saturday at Fred Meyers and…..take a look at these watering cans and tea cup planters.  So cute and adorable and definitely fit into my “I want and have to have” vs. “I need”.   That’s what makes it so much fun.

Okay, going into the yard now.  Have a good day!



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