My New Favorite Web Site – It’s Full of Ideas


My new favorite decorating site is shelterpop,  It has great information on design, color, gardening, crafty ideas…..You name it and you’ll most likely find what you need.

I loved the idea I found today and am inserting the article below.  I’ve used bracelets for curtain tie-backs before but never ever thought to use them for napkin rings.  What a great idea!  I’m thinking one could find a lot of interesting unique bracelets at second hand stores or garage stores.  Yep, an opportunity to be creative. :=)

Here’s the link to the napkin ring article, definitely want to give Jessica Cumberbatch kudos for her creativity….


Put your colorful bangles to use by refashioning them as napkin rings.
Accessories go a long way when it comes to jazzing up an ensemble. We found the same to be true for tabletop decor. Look at the fun we’re having with bracelets!


Using bracelets and bangles as napkin rings is easy when decorating for a special occasion table. Plus, it’s a clever way to re-purpose old baubles (or an excuse to buy new ones).
Gather a set with some seasonal association — and not much else has to match. Here are some of the pieces we’ve been eyeing to give our spring tables some fashionable flair.



Clockwise from center: StayGoldMaryRose’s Teacup Bracelet, $49,; Mixed Fabric Button bracelet, $25,; Lilly Pulitzer Ric Rac Bangle set, $58,; Kate Spade “Make a Day of It,” Idiom Bangle, $98, Kate Spade; Let It Bee’s Apiary bracelet, price not listed,; StLulu’s Icelandic Heritage Bangle, $16,


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