The “9 Lives” I Mean Uses of Scrapbook Paper

I really don’t have 9 ways to use scrapbook paper.  I just wanted to get your attention! I do have some ideas to share though, just not 9.  I’m not sure why, but lately I’ve been using and hearing about how crafty people are using scrapbook paper other than the norm…

1.  Of course, scrapbooking pictures, DUH!

2.  Scrapbook paper is a necessity when making special cards.  If I had a copy of one I’d show you but I don’t.  Use your imagination.

3.  The colorful sheets make nice rooftops for birdhouses I decorate…

 yellow_bedroom_marthastewart_com_Blog Pics 006Blog Pics 007 Blog Pics 005

4.  I was reading some of the projects Kate  at Centsational Girl has completed.  Sorry, I cannot pinpoint the exact spot in Kate’s blog where I read it, but she explained if you spray scrapbook paper with linen water it becomes wonderful drawer liners.

5.  Martha Stewart thought of this one.   It involves multiple picture frames  and similar design scrapbook paper.   I really love this. I think it makes quite a statement and is fairly inexpensive.  I especially enjoy the yellow, black and white combination and am now seriously thinking of doing my guest bedroom/craft room in these colors,  Clean and fresh looking yet classy. 

6.  My latest favorite use of scrapbook paper is one I had a brainstorm about the other day.  I have this corner wall in my entry way and it has some of my favorite things.  First, the little chest with drawers is one I scored at Marshals.  Both the price and the chest are priceless.  On top of the table is a picture of my mom with her grandkids which was taken approximately 2 months before she passed away.  Also there is a precious pic from years ago when my son was 4 and my niece/god daughter was around 8.  We had gone to West Edmonton Mall in Canada and I took this and still love it; chubby legs, big smiles and not a care in the world.  You’ll also see to black candle sticks which I bought and painted and a hand painted vase I picked up when I was in China.  Yes, I’m getting to the scrapbooking part.

Wall Jewelry 001

The large picture on the wall is my limited edition painting of the Wizard of Oz.  To the right on the bottom is a sketch of the lion’s head.  It’s the pre-painting.  I really needed something for the top right to balance the wall out and I did not want to spend any money.  My neighbor has a frame business and he gave me the frame.  I have tons, I say TONS of scrapbook paper so I picked one out that had similar colors to the picture.  Now comes the brainstorm.  I have lots of hold jewelry so I hot glued the jewelry to the picture.  Wall art!  I think I’m hooked.

 Wall Jewelry 003   Wall Jewelry 004

I hope you like it.  The picture in the frame is the actual colors.  I wanted you to see the jewelry too and I’m not a photographer so it came out rather light.

What do you think?


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