Morning Coffee

Coffee 016 

I call my blog Lattenene’s Cup of Chat for a reason, see about me.  I live in the Northwest, home of Starbucks.  There is also Seattle’s Best Coffee and Tully’s.  There is an espresso stand on every corner.  You can’t escape it and therefore I L.O.V.E. my coffee.

When hubby and I first got married MANY years ago we made a deal.  I would set the VCR and he would make the coffee.  That coffee pot turned into an espresso machine and the VCR changed to DVR and Blueray. Do you think I got the better end of the deal?

I’ve been really spoiled.  I’ve always had to be at work  earlier then my hubby, but even so, he has for the most part gotten up every morning and made me my latte.  Heart him for this.  But I also did feel bad.  After all, I don’t have to set the VCR for anything! 🙂

Christmas 2009 we were in Fred Meyers and they were advertising something new for a pretty good price.  We decided to buy.  We are now the proud owners of a Keurig in addition to our Barista espresso machine. 

001 Coffee 014

Now when I get up at 4:00 a.m. Monday – Friday I make my own coffee and hubby makes me a latte on weekends.  I think the Keurig provides a great cup of caffeine and is simple to use.  Fill the water up in the little tank on the left side and hit the on button.  When the blue light comes on you open the top and insert your coffee pod, shut the lid and hit go.

Coffee 015  Coffee 013

I have my cup ready with two sweet-n-low and my favorite creamer in it.  I use two coffee pods.  There are a variety of pods to choose from; multiple types of coffee and strengths, teas, and hot chocolate.  The boxes of pods can be found at most grocery stores but Bed-Bath-and Beyond offers the best selection.  The great thing about BBB is you can purchase with your 20% and $5.00 off coupons.

If you haven’t tried a cup of coffee from a Keurig think about it.  And by the way, I just enjoyed my morning cup and am ready to go for the day. 


latte Lattenene


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