And Down the Stretch They Come……


The Kentucky Derby is today and we’ve been watching the days events on TV.  I always enjoy the prestigious aura of this event.  It’s so much fun to see how all the ladies dress and I especially enjoy looking at all the hats.

Side path: A few years back, well actually more than a few, hubby and I spent 4 weeks in Australia.   Well actually is was a lot of years ago because it was before my son was born and he is almost 20. We were in Melbourne and decided to go to the horse races.  It was hot and therefore I wore shorts and a tank top.  BIG MISTAKE.  Prestigious event.  I should of worn a dress accompanied by a hat on my head.  Oh well…..

OK, back to story:  as I am watching all the ladies wearing their hats I became curious of the cost so I did some research at Hats In the Belfry.  Here’s what I found.

For under $100.00 you can purchase something like this. 

churchill-grandstand = 100 plaza-suite-lanna 88

There are also those Kentucky Derby Hats that are from $100.00 to $200.00.

churchill-clubhouse 1-2callanan-pretty-penny-128   

makins-rawson-Panama Straw Swwinger

I’ve saved the best for last.  These pretty hats are each $568.00!

churchill-millionaire 200 up makins-autumn-568Makins Serenity - 568makins-angelina-wcs11-50_as_shown 568  

Do you have your hat for today?  The race is set to run in approximately 1.5 hours.  Have fun watching the horses or the hats.  I’ll be watching both!

latte Lattenene


2 responses to “And Down the Stretch They Come……

  1. Enjoying the hats was the best part of the recent royal wedding!

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