Report Out on List for a Rainy Northwest Sunday

Happy Sunday night!  I thought I’d let you know how I did on my list today….

My List

  • YES, and it was sooooo good, especially with the vanilla-cinnamon creamer!  First and always first, a cup of morning coffee
  • Complete and 20 breakfast burritos made.  That should last those boys for a few days!  A quick trip to the store for ingredients to make breakfast burritos
  • Yes it’s done.  I love bathrooms that smell like pine fresh pinesol!  Normal housework (YUK!)
  • I AM STILL DOING LAUNDRY!!  Up to 18 loads and a few to go! Laundry – let’s just say this….my son came home from college Friday. We (hubby, Divot, and I) picked huggable son up from the airport with overweight baggage full of dirty clothes. My suggestion, as he was coming from Florida and knowing how I like clothes that are not all wrinkled and based on previous experience, I usually wash and dry them all, clean or dirty as it’s the easiest way to get the wrinkles out. FYI, 10 loads yesterday and I am hitting the halfway mark. The overweight baggage charges you ask? $200.00. Boys will be boys 🙂
  • I went through 3, that’s an accomplishment! I’ve got a stack of magazines to look at for Magazine Monday Review
  • Negative, oh well!  A quick run to the dollar store for a few quick items and I need a couple of colorful plants to replace the ones in the pot on the front porch – my fault, I did not water :-)!
  • Did not get any pages done but I did get some pictures cropped! I’d also like to get a bit of scrapbooking done and…
  • Loved that it came down to a playoff.  Too bad for David Toms but secretly I wanted KJ Choi! Watch some of the final day of the Players at Sawgrass.

I also did some ironing and made Chicken and Fried Cabbage for dinner. It’s a family favorite.

Have a good night….

latte Lattenene


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