Button Crafts

When my mother-in law passed away in 1994 she left me some very old and very unique buttons.  Since then whenever I’m at a craft fair, Goodwill or a Fabric store I’ve always got my eyes out for buttons.  As I was cleaning out my craft closet yesterday I was reminded of how many I have.  The question is what shall I do with them?  A quick search on the internet gave me some great ideas.

Martha (Stewart, that is) came up with this great idea for a clock.  I love the shapes and colors of  the buttons. 

 Button clock Martha

At Planet Green I found this crazy gorgeous necklace and an idea for a button bouquet.



How about this button purse.  I wonder how many buttons this took?  My friend Joy made this birdhouse.  CUTE!!!!!! 

bag1wg5Button Birdhouse

At Crafts Love Crafters they have kindly given the following on buttons….

  • Button craft Ideas can be anything from simple to elegant. Attach mother-of-pearl buttons to anything and it becomes quite elegant.
  • A woman that is armed with a glue gun and buttons can create many different button crafts.
  • Adorn the lapels of your favorite jacket. Remember, if you have a tiny hole or stain on a blouse you can just make a little design with buttons and then you don’t have to throw it away.
  • Make your own tie backs for curtains. Just sew buttons in a variety of colors and sizes and you now have custom tiebacks.
  • Handmade jewelry is so easy to make when you combine buttons, charms or beads to make pins or brooches. You can take an old elegant looking button and attach it to a velvet choker. String buttons on wire to make a necklace or hot glue buttons onto ear posts for that one of a kind jewelry. This is a perfect gift for woman of any age or a young girl!
  • Glue colorful buttons on a white lampshade for a very casual look. For a more elegant look, glue mother-of-pearl buttons on a black lampshade. You can put as many buttons on them as you want or else just a few.
  • Make small button wreaths and use as Christmas ornaments. Make a loop out of ribbon to hang them with and tie a small ribbon on the top. Kids love making these and they are so simple.
  • Napkin rings made with buttons sewn to an inch wide elastic band really can dress up a table. Make place mats with matching buttons finish off your table setting. Sew buttons onto the edge of pillowcases transform them into a decorative sham.
  • Hot-glue a small magnet onto the back of unique and colorful buttons to use for hanging important memos or children’s artwork on the refrigerator.

What do you do with your extra buttons?

latte Lattenene

2 responses to “Button Crafts

  1. Love your post! So funny to see my birdhouse 🙂 I LOVE buttons, too. I have tons of them. I love just looking at them and imagining what I could make. I have a wooden chair that looks like a giant butterfly (the back rest). I’ve painted it white and next I’m going to coat it in buttons. Check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/PoorRobin?ref=seller_info. It’s my favorite Etsy site. Looking forward to picture of what you’ll make 🙂 Also, check our jhttp://joyfulartist.blogspot.com/ where I posted a picture of a mini chair I covered in buttons 🙂 Have fun 🙂

  2. http://joyfulartist.blogspot.com/ here’s my website….I see the link didn’t work above because of the “j” 🙂

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