Check In On My Saturday List + Yard Walk

Remember that long list of outdoor chores I gave myself last Saturday?  Let me remind you…click here.  Well, the weather was crummy, rain, drizzle, wind, sun, rain, drizzle, wind, sun.  You get the picture.  But I did get sections of the yard weeded.  Case in point…..the picture on the right is much better than the picture on the left.  In fact, I’ll just take you on a little stroll…..

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 003   Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 011

This place along the fence line gets so much water I am thinking of just filling it with bunches of rock and lots of pots.  I do like to feed the birds.  Did you know if you microwave the bird seed for a few minutes before filling the birdfeeders it will prevent it from germinating?  Oh, and notice the pot.  It still needs cleaning but so do others. šŸ™‚

The lawns are looking better after such a wet winter. 

  Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 004

 Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 021

Don’t ya just love the smell of green grass?

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 012

We didn’t bring the lawn furniture out, too wet still.  I didn’t plant the lilies, in fact,  I didn’t get any planting done.  I’m telling you too much weeding.  So instead I did take a few pictures.  It’s a work in progress!

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 017

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 018

The gully is on the east side of our house.  When we moved in the trees were almost next to the house.  As you can see, we’ve (well mu hubby and son) have slowly cut them back.

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 020Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 019  As you can see, some of the trees are REALLY tall. When it’s really windy out you can hear them sway. I purposely stacked these two pictures on one another so you could see how REALLY tall these trees are. I’m going to try and paint some birdhouses this weekend. I’d love to hang them on these REALLY big tall trees!

This is the east side of the house and where I wanted to plant my hydrangeas but have not done yet.

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 015

Here’s one of my favorites, hostas.  There are so many different varieties,.

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 008   Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 010

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 009

The rhodies are in bloom….

 Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 013

and the peonies are almost ready to pop….

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 022

Mag Monday-Yard Work 5-23-11 023

Now I just need to finish my weeding, get the rock and bark down and plant some pots.  What are you doing in your yard?




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  1. i am trying to find your flower pot bird bath… can you help

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