Doggy Daycare

Yes, it’s true.  Divot turned 1 human year April 27 and soon after that he started doggy daycare.  He goes 2 days a week for the “social interaction”.  Hubby or my son take him and when he leaves the house he usually very active, something like this…


Divot - daycare 025

I usually pick him up.  There are 4 rooms and the dogs are separated by size.  You can webcam in any time of the day.  When I pick Divot up I walk through the door and I don’t say a word, but he can sense I’m there.  How cool is that?  I also get a scorecard recording how he did for the day.

Yesterdays report card said “Divot must have a wild hair today because he was one crazy boy.  He loves the big rubber dog toys meant for the big dogs.  He can barely pick it up but when he does he looks so happy?  He also ran more today that we have ever seen.  He and Bear were crazy boys, running and wrestling all morning!”

When he got in the car he was like this…


By the time we were out of the driveway, he was out.



After we got home Divot could barely make it in the house, then plop!



Ahhhhh, isn’t he cute!!!!

latte Lattenene


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