My Treasure Box

I have a special box where I keep things that are very special to me.  I’ve had this box for 20 years. I decorated this wood box 20 years ago.  My oh my, how time passes by.

5-27 Blue Box 002

Here’s the top of the box.

5-27 Blue Box 003 5-27 Blue Box 005

5-27 Blue Box 007

Here is the back, front and side of the box. One side looks like the other side.  My hubby’s cousin, at my wedding shower, many years ago made me some potholders that said “Wishing you the sun, moon and the stars”.  I’ve always loved this and maybe ‘that’s why I decorated this box this way.

It was a plain wood box.  With some paint, decals/rub-on/stickers and mod podge  it became my special treasure box.  Some of my very favorite things are in this box… 5-27 Blue Box 014 One of my favorite pics of my baby when he was a little tot.  He will be 20 in July.  Have I said how fast time flies by.  Also, his baby teeth and locks of hair.

Written notes from my mom on the last day here on earth are also in the box along with her nurses pins and my dad’s service pins from the Big Airplane company in Seattle.  We lost him June 3, 1991.  My son was born July 14, 1991.

A hand made card from my son when he was little is pretty special too…

 5-27 Blue Box 011

Other mementos in my blue box include my son’s pacifier, my cigarette lighter (a reminder of what I used to do and the strength I had to quit), a Chinese proverb, letters to Santa, a really old gold coin, a ticket to Elton John, cards from hubby, and several other priceless items.

Do you have a special treasure box?


latte Lattenene

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