Monday Magazine Review – Great Website Links

002 Happy Memorial day!  Magazines just somehow keep finding there way to my shopping cart.  Todays review is Family Circle, June, 2011.  In this month’s issue I found what, for me, may be some useful web links down the road.  Thought I would capture them for you as well…

  • -a great place to shop for shoes, clothing, purses and housewares.  Free shipping, 24/7 customer service
  • – I’ve used this online drugstore before, especially when I know what I need ahead of time
  • – I’ve never heard of or tried this site before so I checked it  out and I’m now curious to try it.  It looks like you buy items directly from the manufacture.  Let’s make a deal.  If you try this site before me let me know what you think.
  • – I’m excited to order from here.  The list of spices goes on anon, anything from lavender sugar to Vietnamese cinnamon.

Much of the rest of the magazine is focused on grilling recipes.  I’ll be trying and sharing some as the weather gets better.  But for now, I need to rush off.  Some over ripe bananas are calling me to make some bread and I’ve got a few other things to get done before I head to the golf course.  My son is playing in a 3 day tournament.  Today is the final day and he is in the lead by two strokes.  Wish him luck!

Happy Memorial day,

latte  Lattenene


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