Kid Ideas For Moms and Grandmas


This picture of my Hummingbird friend has nothing to do with this blog posting.  I took this picture from my family room window and like it so I thought I would share it.  Also, see the lattice work in the bottom left of the picture?  That is really a bench that I’ve had for a long time and I want to paint it.  Not sure what color or colors.  Will let you know when I do.

Today I wanted to share with you moms and grandmas 8 things I used to do with/for  my son when he was growing up.

  1. You will, as I am sure you have already discovered, end up with many drawings, colorings, etc.  I would take clear contact paper and cover some of them on both sides, trim around them and use them as placemats for meals.
  2. Our centerpiece at the kitchen table was a basket of flashcards, some bought and some homemade.  There were flashcards on numbers, animals, food, birds, etc. and we would just have a “game” while we were eating. 
  3. I saved the end caps of frozen juice containers and added stickers to them.  We had a big basket of them.  My son would spend hours dumping them on the floor and matching them up.
  4. Whenever he opened a present from someone I would try to take a picture and make it part of the thank you note he sent.
  5. I saved empty toilet paper rolls.  Yes, you heard me.  I had bags full.  There a great birthday party gift or classroom kid gift.  You can cover them with any kind of wrapping paper, stuff them with candy, trinkets, etc.  Then wrap colored tissue around them and tie off each end with ribbon.
  6. Empty boxes with a hole cut in the middle are perfect to fit around a little boys waist.  The boy then becomes the race car.  Vroom, vroom!  Use your imagination.
  7. The best birthday party we ever had for son was when we had the reptile man come.  Yes, he brought snakes and other animals as well.  Not my cup of tea but very educational for the 20+ kids that attended.
  8. I used to save laundry soap boxes.  I would clean them out and cover them with cut up brown paper bags.  Son would color them, add stickers, etc.  Stuff them with tissue paper and you have a birthday gift bag.

Hope this gets those “be creative” thoughts going.  What kind of things have you done?

latte Lattenene


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