Spray Paint Crazy – Box, Part 1

I’ve been reading a lot’s of blogs lately and spray paint seems to be a hot topic of discussion. So, I thought I would try it also.  When my son had woodshop in high school he took a woodshop class and made me many things.  Among them was a wood box.

5-27 Blue Box 018 5-27 Blue Box 019

I purchased 3 cans of spray paint; primer, apple green and black.  When I got home from work I sprayed the base and lid with two coats of primer.

Green Box 017

The primer dried fairly quick and I was able to get one coat of the apple green.  I really like this color.  Hopefully I’ll get the second coat sprayed on tomorrow night. 

Green Box 018I still need to decide how to decorate the box.  I’ll keep you tied in. 

In the mean time, I think I’m in love with spray paint.  I took a peak in my craft closet and I have plenty of things that are calling for spray paint.  Check back in a couple of days to see how the box turns out.

latte Lattenene


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