Monday Magazine Review: "House & Home"

June 5 Blog Pics 074

A new magazine for me.  The picture on the front cover of House and Home caught my eye.  It looked so inviting and there are so many great articles and tips.

Here’s 5 outdoor lighting tips…

1.  If you only have one fixture in your outside entry way, it should be approximately 1/3 the door height.  If two fixtures, they should each be about one-quarter the height of the door.

2. All outdoor lights, to ensure the right amount of brightness, should be no less than 75 watts if incandescent bulbs or 20 watts for compact fluorescent bulbs.

3.  Install a single wall fixture on the keyhole side of the door for side and back entrances.

4.  To add a bit more to the atmosphere, add a spotlight in the trees or bushes.

5.  Aim lighting smartly.  Try to direct it so the beam stops at the eaves.


Here’s a recipe by Gwyneth Paltrow for Sliced Apple Crumb Muffins


I went to House and Home online at link.  There is so much there I will need many more hours to look at all the great and useful articles.  Check it out and Happy Monday!!


latte Lattenene


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