Spray Paint Crazy – Box, Part 2

Remember this post from the other day, Spray Paint Crazy, Box Part 1?  For a quick refresher, son took woodshop in high school.  He made me a wooden box.  Couple that with the fact I am now addicted with spray paint, I wanted to see what I could create.  Want to know? 

Here’s the plain wood box…

5-27 Blue Box 018 Top view…

5-27 Blue Box 019

I took a bit of sand paper to it, wiped it clean then sprayed with white primer…Green Box 017 It dried pretty fast. I then sprayed with Rust Oleum’s Green Apple.  By the way, it’s my new favorite color.  I gave it two coats of spray for good measure…Green Box 019

Have you ever heard of rub-ons?  There somewhat like deals.  You you lay the pattern on the surface and use popsicle to transfer the design.    I don’t even know if you can buy them anymore.  I found the rub-ons and a wood knob buried in my craft cupboard.  A little gloss spray on the entire box to prevent yellowing finished up the project…

June 5 Blog Pics 047Cost of entire project  = 2 cans of spray paint @ $3.39 each and there is still paint and primer left for another project.  Yay!  Happy Tuesday!


latte Lattenene

2 responses to “Spray Paint Crazy – Box, Part 2

  1. So cute! What are you going to use it for?

  2. Lattenene,

    Your box looks great. The new look works so well. Great job! Thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum to build out your project.

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