My Saturday Morning Walk…3 Days Late

It rained today after a weekend of glorious sunshine and a fairly decent Monday.  Saturday morning the three of us (Hubby, Divot and I) went for a walk around the neighborhood.  It’s my favorite time of year to take a stroll, ooh and ahh about peoples’ yards, and say “Oh honey, look at this!  Oh honey, look at that.” And better yet, I took my camera.  Check out the pics!

Ground cover…

 June 5 Blog Pics 023

Maintenance on the golf course…

June 5 Blog Pics 024 June 5 Blog Pics 025

All natural…

June 5 Blog Pics 026

I love lilacs, oh that wonderful smell…

June 5 Blog Pics 027

This tulip is hanging on for its last bit of life…

June 5 Blog Pics 029

Beautiful beautiful purple…

June 5 Blog Pics 030

walking down a side path

June 5 Blog Pics 032

Blue sky high above the trees…

June 5 Blog Pics 033

Wild flowers …

June 5 Blog Pics 042 June 5 Blog Pics 043

What do you see on your morning walk?


latte Lattenene


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