Peony Pics + A Few of the Pooch + Guess What It Will Be

Early summer in the Northwest is always a guessing game when it comes to blooming flowers.  The buds on my Peony bushes are ready to pop.  All it took was a few days of weekend sun.  On Monday night I knew the wind and some raindrops were coming and decided to stake them up.  Now if the peonies could talk they would probably tell me I am holding them hostage, that they’re not free to bend with the wind.  What they need to understand is they are responsible for holding up and supporting some soon-to-be beautiful flowers!






Puppy Divot loves to be out in the nice weather.  He runs and watches and plays and then he comes into the house, plops on his pillow and goes to sleep.

081 094

Also, I thought I would share that I’m working on a new project which started this evening.  It involves Rust Oleum spray paint and pots, but it does not involve flowers.  Can you guess what I’m making? Hopefully by Sunday or Monday I’ll be able to share.

Here’s one piece of the project;  primed, painted and almost ready to go.

Birdbath 002 Birdbath 005 Birdbath 006

Have fun guessing.  We’ll talk soon.

latte Lattenene


One response to “Peony Pics + A Few of the Pooch + Guess What It Will Be

  1. Love peonies! Having worked with them for a while now, I still am amazed how big they get considering they form large marble sized heads initially. It’s like, how did all the petals fit in that small ball?

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