Magazine Monday Review- Shop Smart

Shop Smart

SS Cover

Welcome to Magazine Monday.  My review choice today is Shop Smart, brought to us by Consumer Report.  As I was looking through my untouched stack of magazines I realized I was looking at a Shop Smart from April 2010.  YES, you heard me!  I thought I better go online and grab the June issue.  I do like this magazine and especially because of the Consumer Report influence.

I know many of you love to thrift so check out the article, “Tips from a garage-sale guru”.  See article here

Gar sale article

Do you coupon?  Have you ever seen the coupon shows on TLC.  I am amazed that some of these people hardly pay anything for $1,000 of dollars of groceries.  They are obsessed, kind of may I say, like I have become with spray paint!  Read here to “Fine-tune your couponing skills – and get free stuff”.

Summer means family vacations.  Do you know all the tricks how to travel cheaper and get the best rates?  Read about “Budget travel tips from a world traveler, Part 2 here.  Part 1 here

If you are able to check out the link I provided you back issues are also available to pull from.  Hope you find something that helps or interests you.

Later this week I’ll share what this is will become….any guesses?

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 039 

Happy Monday!

latte Lattenene


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