Old Bench, New Look

I don’t remember what the original color was of this bench  that’s sitting in our backyard.  We’ve had it forever.  I was doing yard work Sunday and said “Enough, this has got to change. ”

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 019 Last summer when hubby stained the fence I used the remainder to cover the wood slats.  Not very pretty.

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 020

The iron scroll on the sides ares pretty rusted.  Same with the backside…

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 021

My neighbor helped me carry it out onto the grass between our yard and the golf course.  I scrubbed the areas where moss is growing, rinsed it down and called it good.

I was already headed to Home Depot for flowers so I made a stop in the paint aisle.  I have to admit I am a newbie at this.  In fact, I really don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m having fun trying and as I said in previous posts, Rust Oleum has become my new best friend.  Here’s what I bought.

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 041 Primer, Claret Wine color and the can in the middle I really like.  Rust Oleum’s Hammered, guaranteed to cover iron, rust and all.  No scrubbing necessary. 

Let me say I went into this with no intent to tape or use a brush and because I did this outside I can only guess there may be a bug or two hidden somewhere!

First step, at least my first step, prime the wood and if you get a bit on the iron, no biggie!

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 022

Spray paint the wood with the claret wine color and try to aim carefully. I applied a couple of coats.  This is after the first coat.

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 024

Now to spray the iron.  Now remember, no tape so no comments!

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 029

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 028

I sprayed it with a Rust Oleum Gloss spray.  Here’s the final look…..

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 027

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 026

Here are some side by side before and after…..Divot-Bench-Birdbath 020 Divot-Bench-Birdbath 029

Divot-Bench-Birdbath 019 Divot-Bench-Birdbath 027

All in all I’m pretty pleased! Have you tried to spray paint anything?  I warn you, it’s addictive!

latte Lattenene


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