A Visit to Blue Ribbon Cooking and Culinary Center

This past Tuesday my work group had an offsite team event at the Blue Ribbon Cooking and Culinary Center in Seattle.  The establishment is in a gorgeous location,  sitting right on the water at Eastlake.  The building is surrounded by a city of houseboats and a view of Gasworks Park. It was a sunny low 70s day and I was able to grab a few pics before I entered the building.

Blue Ribbon Culinary 064

Blue Ribbon Culinary 065

Blue Ribbon Culinary 066

The Blue Ribbon Cooking and Culinary Center is innovative and offers kids programs, cooking classes, team events and weddings.  They also have a boutique where you can purchase gifts and let me say I have bucket listed these items for gifts for  my friends and family. 

Blue Ribbon Boutique


  • Aprons and Chef Jackets available in different styles and colors with optional embroidered personalization.
  • Autographed cookbooks by our chefs.
  • Kitchen utensils such as microplanes, spatulas, chef knives, etc.
  • Bartender Kit: consisting of shaker, muddler, strainer and signature cocktail recipes.
  • Chocolate Truffle Kit, complete with everything you’ll need to make your own truffles: two varieties of high-quality chocolate, an array of toppings, recipes, and gloves

Delectable Gourmet gifts tastefully packaged and tied with our signature Blue Ribbon:

  • Lavender or Ginger-Lemon Jam
  • Barbeque Rub or Salmon Rub
  • Vanilla Sugar or Pure Vanilla
  • Brandied Fig Sauce; delightfully incredible on steak or pork
  • Blueberry Chardonnay Coulis with Peppercorns; perfect for fish, pork and poultry

After entering the building we immediately were given aprons and then led to a meet, greet and cooking area. I’m kicking myself for not remembering his name because he was a cutie but host with the most with the warmest smile ever spent a few minutes sharing with us the history of Blue Ribbon, who would be teaching us to cook, what we were going to cook and better yet eat!

Blue Ribbon Culinary 079 We previously had chosen our menu from a number of selections offered.   Across from the huge cooking area  were  2 large butcher block tables where we chopped our ingredients for salad and made our pasta noodles.  The dining room where we later ate our feast later was adjoined to the cooking area and there was another huge kitchen area as well.

The Hors D’oeuvres were already made for us when we arrived but everything else we did ourselves.  Our menu…

Hors D’oeuvres – Thai Grilled Chicken Skewers with Honey-Peanut Glaze, European Cheese and Fruit Board with Artesian Breads and Lavender Lemonade

Salad – Spring Greens with Strawberry slices, gorgonzola spread, pecans, and balsamic vinaigrette

Entree – slow roasted salmon with blackberry butter sauce, homemade pasta with lemon chive sauce and roasted cherry tomatoes with fresh herbs

Dessert – Liquid chocolate cake with creamy carmel sauce and cultured cream dessert sauce

Let me just say everything was soooooo delicious.  And it was extra special that we, as a team made it along with some good laughs.  They will be sending us the recipes soon so can’t wait for that.  Below are some pictures from the day.

I could of eaten every tomato.  Oh my goodness, they were so so good, sautéed in olive oil, and fresh chopped parsley and thyme. Blue Ribbon Culinary 091 Salmon, a Northwest favorite…

IMAG0655 Some of my co-workers making the blackberry butter sauce for the salmon with the assistant chef Nells (far right and Jamil (2nd from left)…

Blue Ribbon Culinary 087

Chef Mike giving instructions…

Blue Ribbon Culinary 078

Learning how to make pasta.  Nice view, right?

Blue Ribbon Culinary 080

More view…


Love the spice rack and the large jars of spices…

Blue Ribbon Culinary 083 Liquid chocolate cake, yummy!


Time to eat!  The salad tasted as good as it looks!




It was a great way to spend 4 hours with my teammates, lots of laughs.  It would be fun to do something like this with friends and/or family as well.  I would highly recommend taking a look at the website for Blue Ribbon Cooking and Culinary Center (noted at the beginning of this post).  If you don’t live in the Seattle area maybe there is a business like this near you?

Thanks Chefs Mike, Jamil and Nells.

Have a splendid Saturday everyone!

latte Lattenene

Note:  These are my personal observations and thoughts.  I am not receiving any benefits from Blue Ribbon for this.

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