Dollar Store Love

The other day my sis-in-law said to me, “Were you not going to tell us?” “Huh”, I said.  She said, “The dollar store.  When were you going to tell us about the dollar store.  The one that every thing really costs one dollar?”  “Oh, that dollar store”, I said with a smile.


This is in its truest sense of the word, really a $1.00 an item store.  I repeat, everything is $1.00 each.  We’re talking a bunch of different stuff is in that store.

IMAG0685 I ask myself, Why did I go to that card shop that starts with an H all the time when I could come here and stock up on ribbon, and more ribbon

IMAG0690 IMAG0692

and cards and wrap and bags.

IMAG0689 IMAG0696

Do the kiddies need any swim stuff?  Come to the Dollar Tree.


What did I buy today?  Oven mitts, candles, safety pins, birthday card.  Total = $5.00 + tax.  Yep, call me the big spender.  🙂

Do you ever go to a dollar store in your area?  What do you buy?

latte Lattenene

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