Back In The Saddle

Hi everyone.  I’m apologizing profusely.  Can you hear me?  The last couple of weeks have been extremely chaotic.   But I’m here to tell you I’m back in the saddle!

My daily life has me working in Human Resources at a large airplane company in the Seattle area.  I made a career move after 8 years, still in Human Resources, still at the big airplane company, but a totally different organization, different customer and a very different statement of work.  That said, transitioning work and starting a new job at the same time totally zapped my mind and my energy to do anything else.  I’ve not written or replied to blog comments so again, I’m really sorry, but I’m back!

Look for some posts this week on a yummy fruit dip recipe, some cleaning tips and a couple of quick crafts.  Until then, happy Sunday!

latte Lattenene


2 responses to “Back In The Saddle

  1. Good! cuz I get your blog by email and have been missin’ ya!!

  2. Sorry, I spelled my own name wrong!

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