5 Ways To Clean Your Windows

Our weather here in the Northwest has not been the best.  In fact, there’s been too many dreary, gray days.  The sun has finally come out for more than one day in a row.  I repeat, THE SUN HAS FINALLY COME OUT FOR MORE THAN ONE DAY IN A ROW!!!!  I’m now forced to see how dirty my windows are.  I’m so embarrassed that the picture below is not even my window, but a picture I copied straight from thsis article by Dickson Wong, via Shelter Pop


I’m attaching what the article has recommended as “5 Unusual Ways To Clean Your Windows.  I’ve tried some of these, but not all of them.  But I do know one thing.  I will be cleaning my windows and soon because THE SUN HAS FINALLY COME OUT FOR MORE THAN ONE DAY IN A ROW!!!!

Cornstarch. It’s a surefire (and budget-friendly) way to sparkling-clean windows. Mix one teaspoon of cornstarch and one teaspoon of liquid dish soap into a gallon of water. Be sure that it’s all mixed well together, soak a clean sponge in it, and wipe down the windows.
2. Phone Book Pages. Swap out your paper towels for phone book pages. They’ll clean away dirt and residue without leaving a mess on the window.
3. Newspaper. Who needs expensive micro-fiber towels? Instead, grab a newspaper. Simply crumple up a few pages and buff the window for a streak-free shine.
4. Coffee Filters. If you’ve gone digital and no longer receive your news in paper form, use coffee filters instead. You’ll get similar streak- and lint-free results.
5. Old T-shirts. A well-washed cotton t-shirt is the secret to glass so clean, you’ll think the window was open. Simply buff the window with a t-shirt after you’ve finished the cleaning job.

Happy window cleaning 🙂

latte Lattenene


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