Organization Container Ideas + A Few Extras

Hi Everyone – I took an opportunity today to check out some organization/storage  ideas from Better Home & Gardens and thought I would share with all of you.

The handy jar containing this laundry soap is a fish bowl.  The round shape can hold a large quantity, the bowl’s wide mouth is large enough to get a hand in and out to scoop soap and this is a much better look than a plastic container or the box right off the grocery shelf.

Additional thought, how cute would this be with colored layered sand and shells in a beach inspired room?

Fish BowlI’ve started rolling all my towels rather than folding them and I have to say, it really saves space and it’s amazing how much I can really pack into the linen closet. (I also started rolling my clothes in the suitcase when I travel; hardly any wrinkles when I get to my destination and pull something out to wear).


What a sensational idea this is.  Cute containers full of the essentials can be stored away and pulled out and offered to out-of-town guests….add a toothbrush, toothpaste and razor and your guests will have the ultimate experience. 🙂

Shower Caddy   Shower Brushes

A genius idea to use shower rings to hang purses!

Amanda closet purses

I love this corner shelf.  A perfect fit for the utility room since we normally come and go through the garage.  Just think, never a lost key!

Instant Mudroom

A pantry like this would be heaven!

pantry overall

I also took a little quiz to find out what kind of storage and organization personality I have. According to the BH&G quiz I am spontaneous and fun loving.  My key traits are 1) a collector, 2) easily sidetracked, and 3) always striving to enjoy life. If you’d like to find out your storage and organization personality take the quiz here.  And if you do take it please share the outcome.

Have a good one!

latte-1 Lattenene


2 responses to “Organization Container Ideas + A Few Extras

  1. Took the quiz. I’m the schoold teacher, orderly but not ridged.

  2. Jacquie – ahhh, this fits you and your beautiful house! Everything has its place but comfortable!

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