Celebration of Summer

My hubby and I were out on a drive yesterday and he told me that Labor Day Weekend always makes him sad.  For us living in the Northwest it means the last holiday weekend before our youngsters return to school, that is, if you still have kids in grades K-12.  It also means in the next month or so, the trees will lose there leaves, the lawn furniture will need to be stored away and our mild sunny weather will change to a higher percentage of gray and rainy days.  BOO!

I love Spring and Summer.  In celebration, I cut a bunch of flowers in my yard and made a tablescape of flowers.  Hope you enjoy….


141-1   140-1

127-1  135  138-1   143



128  129


Happy Labor Day.  What ever you’re doing; hanging with family and friends, BBQing, boating, just make it a great day!

latte Lattenene

4 responses to “Celebration of Summer

  1. Stunning !!!!

  2. Jacquie – thanks so much! Can’t wait to plant some bulbs!

  3. Love lilies have a lot myself.

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