The weather has changed in the Northwest quickly in the last couple of days.  I think our surge of 80 degree days are gone, we’re bypassing the 70’s and were in the 60’s.  It’s got me thinking about the upcoming FALL Y’All linky party being sponsored by:

Layla @ the Lettered Cottage

Rhoda @ southern hospitality

Kate @ centsational girl and

Sarah @ thrifty decor chick


fall link party badge 2

I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas and here’s just a few I came up with that even I can do! 🙂

Create a leaf lantern by putting leaves in a jar, plus some Modge Podge and tiny tea lights.  Inside or outside, it would look awesome!  Original idea from 5 orange potatoes.


Yum Yum!  Fall snackies, perfect for a football game get together.

Now lets get down to some simple easy decorating thought…



Thanksgiving table 

Autumn Decorating  Natural Autumn Entry

Autumn... a Thankful Tree  add a pumpkin

If you need an invitation to join Pinterest just send me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to provide.

So tell me, what kind of Fall decorating thoughts do you have?


latte Lattenene

P.S – I promised you a project update for the spare room project today, but it will be tomorrow instead.  C’ya!

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