31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 4 – Magazines & Books

Day 3 Done Everyone!  Congrats! 

31 Day 4 Count

Today, Day 4, we’re completing a task.  Lets go back to Day 2 – Eliminate the Obvious.  The laundry basket full of those personal items you took down will continue to stay where you put them, out of sight.  Have you thought antmore about the items you were unsure of and tagged with a post-it note?  Follow through with those you’ve made decision on and leave the rest.  That’s just fine.  It’s time to look at Category 3, the “I need to look at it and then I can get rid of it” (books, old magazines, menus, etc.).

Magazines:  Grab a cup of coffee and a soft spot on the couch and go through them.  I have a stack to do also.  Only, I repeat only keep the pages with something on them that you think you’ll need; a recipe, a craft project, etc.  If it’s just a one-liner and it makes more sense write it in your spiral notebook.  Set the ripped pages aside in a stack for now.  Instead of recycling the magazines you may want to consider taking them to a retirement center near you. Our senior citizens love to read.  Libraries will also take magazines.  My doctors office will take my old magazines – check that out if that interests you.  Anyways, those aresome options you have.

Books:  Make a decision if you really want them and if you do put them in a permanent position.  I love to stack books with a picture on top as part of my decorating.  If your not sure about keeping them put next to the full laundry basket and leave for now.  If you don’t want to keep the books then, depending on the type, think about donating them to a school or you can always sell at Half-Price books or tag them for a church donation or Goodwill.

I think I better back up.  It’s time to use your post-it notes again and grab some boxes, hefty bags or just corners of a room.  Make sections for the following; Donate, Garbage, Recycle, Sell, Consider.  From this day forward whenever we do a sorting task these areas will become very important.

All righty, I need to to get to my magazines as well.  Have fun! C’ya tomorrow.

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