31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 8 – Closets

WOW!!!!  Day 8.  Can you believe it? 

Day 8

Thanks for hanging in there with me and my apologies for getting this post out a few hours later than what I intended.  I fell asleep accidentally early last night and up early this morning, but extra busy.  Hubby and I have already been to Winco and Trader Joes to grocery shop, took puppy on a walk and made a paint stops at Home Depot, the bank and the gas station.  Crrrrraaaaazzzyyyyy!

The weekend days are when I can make the most progress at becoming clutter free. For today, I’m going to start cleaning out closets and I hope you join me.  Notice I said start.  Let’s be truthful, I will not make it through all closets today and tomorrow but I will have a good start.  I’m hoping you will too.

You pick which closet you’re going to start with.  Since my hubby and I have both recently shed some pounds and the season has just changed I think our own closet will be my focus today. 

The only way for me to get a true picture of what’s in the closet is to take everything out of the closet.  Once that is done I’ll just jump in.  Definitely the keepers go back in.  Everything else should go into 5 piles; Donate, Sell, Fix, Not Sure, Garbage.  I might need to try things on.  Also, if you’re doing this too, keep you’re spiral notebook handy.  At any moment a thought might pop into your head that you will want to remember. 

Have fun and I’ll be back tomorrow to share how to organize the remaining items; shoes, purses, etc.  If you have a particular question how to organize or store something please just ask me and I’ll give it my best thought and answer!

31 Day Button-3

One more thought for all of you that a friend of a friend sent my way…wanted to be sure and share this.  God Bless Steve Jobs. 



latte Lattenene

2 responses to “31 Days To Clutter Free / Day 8 – Closets

  1. You inspire me Renee! After I tackle my linen closet today, all my closets will be clutter free. Hayley and I went through all the boxes (stored in the shed) she brought home with her. Her bedroom is now 100 % clutter free, as well as the master bedroom!!! Hopefully, the linen closet and office will be included by this afternoon. Happy de-cluttering :o)

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